Body image is not a women's problem

When I was a teenager, my body started getting covered in hair. And not just in the usual places. I had hair all over my neck, my whole chest and belly and even my entire back. Being ginger, made the whole thing worse. I tried everything, cutting, waxing, shaving even, it would just grow back thicker. I wore over-sizes clothes and t-shirts under my shirts and was so insecure I would never take my shirt off, not even on a sunny day with my friends at the beach. I was terrified about getting undressed in the presence of women I was dating. I struggled with a long series of mental health issues and always felt anxious and uncomfortable in my own body. Male models are either hairless or have just the right amount of chest hair. People think it's mainly women who struggle with this, but it's a lot of men too. We need to create a much more open conversation around body image for everyone.

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