Mission statement

BodyTalks is a project run by the Global Shapers Brussels Hub meant to raise awareness of all the various ways in which body image links with mental health. The words we hear, the pictures we see, the mirrors we look into, the media we consume – they all shape our views of ourselves and others. This project aims at shedding light on how much we share and how little it takes to make a dent into someone’s self-confidence. Ultimately, it will hopefully make all of us reading these stories that little bit more aware and that little bit kinder to each other.  

Our Team 

Sabina Maria Ciofu


The world needs a lot less beauty blogs and a lot whole lot more genuine empowering conversations.

Cyrina Grimonprez

We are all different but we are more alike than we think. Sharing stories can connect and help people to be more confident. 

Sandra Cánovas Alonso

Words can bring together love and pain. They give voice to all those scars that were once left silent. Words shape stories, and stories shape us. Let's share what makes us human.

Adam Tricha

For many, we’re never perfect. We’re never enough. Our bodies are supposed to be improved. But what if we were enough?

Anzhela​ Hovhannisyan 

This Blog will help people to read true stories and experiences of different people, who were strong enough to live through the hard periods of their lives. Perhaps, it will help some people not to make the same mistakes as somebody else has already done and to try to look at a similar situation from a different perspective. It’s important to keep thinking positive and you will see how the life will start changing in front of your eyes.

Bouchra Zaidouni

« Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look alike ». E.W

Having a positive body image is essential to build up self-esteem and contribute to a better physical and psychological health.

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